A Special Kind Of Love Trinket

There are no parallels to the emotions that our pets evoke in us.  They can make us feel happy and loved even on the roughest of days.  They can sniff away all of our worries and troubles.  Nothing feels as joyous as coming back home to your our babies and watching the get all jumpy!  There are no bounds to the affection that our furry friends harbor in their heart.

Gold And Silver Pet Paw Print Photo Necklaces

The relationship between a pet and pet parent cannot be described in words. Our cute little paw print necklace with a picture inside lets you keep a small photo of your babies with you at all times. The paw print charm that can be customized with a picture is a reminder of our pet's unending love and warmth. If you've been looking for a way to carry a picture of your fur ball around, the personalized paw print necklace is a perfectly convenient and elegant way to carry them around with you.

The paw print necklace is designed to hold a small and discreet picture of your pet inside of it. The picture is microscopic and hidden, thus this charm makes for a special piece of personal and sentimental jewelry that is meaningful and deep.

This necklace also makes for the perfect dainty neckpiece that you can wear with almost about any outfit. It's a piece of jewelry that can go with any kind of attire; it'll look good with your everyday jeans and tee look or even with that special date night dress. The necklace is elegant and stylish and will make for the perfect addition to your trinket box.

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