A Special Way to Commemorate a Departed Friend

Our paw necklace with a picture inside is a great way to honor your furry friend that has crossed the rainbow bridge. Do you have a special photo that reminds you of the good times you shared with your pet? Using a specialized photo engraving process, that photo can be etched into a charm of your choosing, letting you hold the image close to your heart forever.

Your very own customized paw necklace with a picture inside is a great way to remember your pet even long after they have left you. This small piece of jewelry is a truly personal and purposeful way of remembering a pet who meant the world to you.  You can keep their memory alive by keeping a personal photo safe inside a paw shaped charm that can be crafted into a necklace or keychain.

A personalized paw print necklace is also a comforting gift to give to a friend who is grieving the loss of a beloved pet.

Charms are offered in silver, rose-gold, or gold.

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