Beautiful Customized Baubles To Hold Your Pet Babies Close To Your Heart

Your fur babies mean the world to you. Don’t they? Isn’t it the best feeling ever when they wriggle around your legs in frenzied circles every time you come back home, even if it's just from a grocery run? There is no other love as pure and unconditional as the love that they have for their pet parents.

Cat Paw Photo Necklace

Check out Lady Mandala on instagram, isn't she pretty!

We know that you love them fervently and our specially crafted personalized paw print necklace is the perfect keepsake for you to keep them close all the time. The necklace is a constant reminder of the love that you harbor for them. Keep them close to your heart all the time with this special dainty trinket.

Is there a picture of your pet that reminds you of an amazing moment that you both had together? Don’t you just want to freeze the memory forever? A personalized paw print necklace is a beautiful way to express the affection and love that you and your fur baby share.

Here at Fauna jewels, we take pride in making delightful little baubles specially dedicated to your love for your pets. We engrave a microscopic picture of your furry baby inside our pendants that you can hold onto forever!

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