Heart Paw Charm- Our Newest Customized Picture Necklace

You asked, we listened!  If you love our Personalized Paw Charm and are looking for a larger charm to add to your collection, our NEW Personalized Heart Paw Charm is for you!

We've worked for months creating this new design and are so excited to share it with you!  Just like our original charm design, this necklace can be worn every day to keep your pet close to your heart.  You can view your photo hidden inside the central gem by holding the charm up to the light and peering through the lens, or by placing your phone's camera up against it.

A third, lesser known but unique way to view your photo is to find a dark room, flip your charm around and upside down, and shine your phone's flashlight through the back of the charm.  This will enlarge and project your photo onto a wall!

The Personalized Heart Paw Charm is also larger in design when compared to our original Personalized Paw Charm; show it off!

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