Keeping Your Pets Close, No Matter Where You Are

Fellow dog and cat moms can agree, we want our fur babies close to us at all times! While we may not be able to take them to work, the gym, or to the grocery store, we still want our furry family members next to us. Our personalized paw print necklace is perfect for when you're out and about but can't take your pet with you. 

Personalized Pet Photo Keychain

Our paw necklace with a picture inside is a new spin on the classic paw print charm. We place a real photo of your pet inside! Now, no matter where you are, whether you're on a trip or down the road and you miss your fur baby, just look into your necklace and catch a glimpse of your fur child's sweet little face! 

The personalized necklace comes in gold, silver, and rose-gold. Wear it on its own or layer with your other go-to jewelry items. Dog dads, we didn't forget about you! Using the same charm and engraving technology, instead of a necklace, we can create you a paw keychain with a picture inside! 

We get it; we're also totally nuts about our pets and would take them with us everywhere if we could!  With this sentimental piece of jewelry, you can feel close to your pet even when you're apart.

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